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Suadoi Cachviet ChuViet

Hayla ChuViet Nam 2020

Bai cua: dchph 

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Why Vietnamese2020? Vietnamese2020 is a new Vietnamese writing system in the years to come and that should be the way Vietnamese will be written in the year 2020. This is a proposal and analysis of the needs for a reform of the current Vietnamese writing system, which will have a slightly different appearance from what it is known today.

This proposed writing reform, above all, ideally would expose monolingual native learners to symbolic patterns that would have positive effects on abstract and collective thinking by means of a polysyllabic way of writing, i.e., writing all syllables of a word in a combining formation. This cognitive process can be achieved via, one among other things, its pre-defined text strings of whole words appearing with peculiar shapes in their entirety, which would resemble much more of a graphical representation of concepts rather than syllabic spellings. In a polysyllabic word formation its meanings are tightly bound to its symbolistic shape of combined syllables, which is to achieve the same effects as those of ideographs. In English or German writing systems polysyllabic words show that type of symbolistic characteristic and, in a way, they are usually perceived abstractly through shapes of respective long text strings.

On the contrary, with the Vietnamese monosyllabic writing system, readers have to, mentally, go through the process of, firstly, recognizing each one of those separately written syllables, making sense out of it individually, and only then, lastly, being able to comprehend meanings of the final mentally assembled words. Polysyllabic scripts, in the meanwhile, enable readers' brain to absorb larger batches of continuous text strings, which will render a similar visual effect as those of ideograms. We will recognize the conceptions of words right away simply just by catching the sight of strings of polysyllabically combined words. Those who have already possessed advanced knowledge of a foreign language, especially German, might have already experienced such highly visual effects.

Being an inferior form, a monosyllabic writing system can only represent one syllable at a time as in the case of the present Vietnamese orthography. It is not hard to see that if all databases had been built the way as a monosyllabic "Vietnamese dictionary" is structured in a monolingual native Vietnamese speaker's brain then the world might have come to know different kinds of databases far less ideal than what the computing world has achieved to date!

As a matter of fact, Vietnamese is no longer a monosyllabic language, but, in writing, syllables which make up a polysyllabic word are still written separately, just like the way the Vietnamese had handled block-written Chinese characters before the end of 19th century. For example, in today's Vietnamese orthography words like "học bổng" (scholarship), ''bâng khuâng" (melancholy), "bâng quơ" (vague), "ma tuý" (narcotic), and thousands of others, obviously dissyllabic in nature, are still written in separate syllables as such. Writing that way is exactly the same as breaking those polysyllabic English words into separate syllables as "scho lar ship", "me lan cho ly", "va gue", or "nar co tic", etc.

It does not matter in what language, monosyllabic writing is illogical and unscienific. The cited dissyllabic Vietnamese words above should be accurately written in combining formation as "họcbổng", ''bângkhuâng", "bângquơ", "matuý", respectively. That polysyllabic way of writing will precisely representing the true dissyllabic characteristics of today's Vietnamese. Again, if English had been written the way Vietnamese is, it would have never become the technical language tool in the modern computing technology with such popularity worldwide as it is enjoying today.

A society progresses if its language progresses. Stagnance of Vietnamese monosyllabic way of writing, as a result, has hampered Vietnam's advancements in many ways including those of developments in computing fields. It is painful to reform, but we have to do it.

This new proposed writing system, ideally in a sense, will lay out a foundation for building blocks of polysyllabic principles. Its final results will lead to the development of new guidelines to build a standardized polysyllabic writing system. In the long run, this new Vietnamese polysyllabic orthorgraphy purposedly will foster children's ability to learn things abstractly and collectively. At the same time, this will also create a favorable condition for data processing fields to progress properly, which, in return, will stimulate economic development.

Please join us in this writing reform effort NOW by starting to write Vietnamese in the combining formation of syllables for each word-concept. For now emails and internet postings are a few good places to begin with. In practice, while awaiting official orthography guidelines, hopefully, from a governmental body such as a national language academy, the easiest way for those who already know a foreign language, when in doubt, is to think of an equivalent word in English or in another common foreign language since all of them is totally written in polysyllabic formation as having been known to the world as of the present day. For example, for "although" we have "mặcdù", for "blackboard" > "bảngđen", "faraway" > "xaxôi", and so on. With regard to building a successful polysyllabic writing system, the German writing system is highly recommended as a good model to serve as a referent framework or building blocks to devise a new Vietnamese script.

Let's be the first pioneers of a new Vietnamese language reform to set new polysyllabic standards in the years to come! Do not think that you are going to waste time on something unrealistic. It is a noble cause that will benefit our nation in terms of stimulating our children's abilities to think abstractly and collectively, which is the foremost reason behind this proposed Vietnamese writing reform. If we all go for it or simply just say "yes" to the peoposed reform, our voice will be heard and our dream will become a reality. All you need is to act, quickly.

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Ngonngu la mot thuoctinh benvung va biendoi chamnhat cua mot zantoc. Trong quatrinh phattrien lichsu, tinhcach cua ngonngu co thaydoi voi mot mucdo itnhieu khacnhau, nhatla ve hinhthuc, o caivo bieuhien bengoai cua tiengnoi, dola chuviet cua mot ngonngu Tuytheo nhucau lichsu, mot zantoc cothe co nhucau thaydoi cachthehien tiengnoi cua minh qua chuviet de thichhop voi nhucau cua thoidai. Nhieu nuoc tienbo tren thegioi ngaynay trong quatrinh phattrien da phai thongqua giaidoan caicach chuviet vi dola mot quatrinh tatyeu. 

ChuViet chungta dang suzung khong phananh dung motcach khoahoc thuctrang tiengViet ngaynay. Cachviet chuViet hiendai canphaiduoc caito hay suadoilai khongchi de phuhop tiengnoi macon taodieukien tructiep hoac giantiep gopphan phattrien Vietnam trong lanhvuc kythuat cua thoidai homnay vi ketqua thuctien la no se manglai nhung loiich kinhte thietthuc. 

Thaydoi mot thoiquen, nhatla thuoc lanhvuc ngonngu, ratkho nhung neu canphai caicach, khongphai la khongthe thuchien duoc. Dung tren mot quandiem naodo, caito cachviet tiengViet khongduoc xem nhula mot yeucau capbach, nhung neu quathuc sucaito manglai loiich cho nuocnha, chungta phai hanhdong. 

De thuchien caito cachviet tiengViet hiennay, chungta can xemxet vande zuoi nhieu khiacanh de traloi nhung cauhoi cua cac vande lienhe: hientrang cua cachviet tiengViet, taisao laiphai caicach, va lamsao de thuchien caicach.



Trong loi maodau, chungta co nhactoi tinhcach cua mot ngonngu, cuthehon dola dactinh cua tiengViet. Vay dactinh coban cua tiengViet la gi va hinhthuc gi cua no da thaydoi qua cac thoidai. Traloi cauhoi nay zuoi langkinh ngonngu lichsu se lam ta nhanthay ronet hon hientrang cua tiengViet.

TiengViet trong quatrinh phattrien da thamnhap va tieuhoa (Viethoa va Hanviethoa) hangngan tungu tu tiengHanco va tiengHan cua nhieu thoidai, cothe da xayra truoc thoi Tan-Han 221 nam truoc Congnguyen (thizu tu "vuquy", "thangchap" duoczung vao doi Tan, nguoiTrunghoa ngaynay khongzung nhung chu nay) chotoi ngaynay (thizu tu "khongzamdau", "baxao", "zexom", "phaocau"). 

Trong quatrinh nay buocphattrien lichsu cua Vietngu da rapkhuon theo cachcautu cua tiengHan, nhatla suhinhthanh nhung tukep hayla tu songamtiet (dissyllabics). Nhuvay, ngaynay dactinh hay tinhcach cua tiengViet la chua nhieu tu songamtiet (tukep) duoc viet zuoi hinhthuc mautu Latin roira tung tiengmot. Trong tiengViet daso tukep co mot soluong lon amtiet cothe dungdoclap nhu mot tu va co ynghia donbiet. Dieu nay chothay tiengViet da bienchuyen tu tinhcach donamtiet sang daamtiet. Trong quatrinh biendoi nay, nhieu tughep da trothanh mot donvi toanthe, khongthe tachroi vi nhieu tughep da trothanh tukep, neu chung bi tachroira, nhung tieng bi tachroi se khongcon mang ynghia nua Thizu: mata, cagiut, calam, culan, camram, langnhach, xixon, bomtron, zuahau, basao.. Nhuvay tiengViet cua chungta ngaynay khongcon la mot ngonngu donamtiet. 

Motso nhangonnguhoc lai chorang thucsu tiengViet tu thoi thaico da co hinhthai phuam phuchop va daamtiet nhu nhieu ngonngu khac thuoc mguhe Mon-Khmer, va ho chola tiengViet da biendoi tu tinhcach daamtiet sang donamtiet zo suanhhuong cua tiengHan. Ykien cua ho cung dangchuy vi banthan cua tiengViet cothe la tuxuadennay khonghan thuantuy la mot tiengnoi donlap donamtiet (mono-syllabic anz isolatez language), chungco la nhieu tu coban trong tiengViet tuno baogio cungla nhung tusongamtiet nhula mangtang, moac, daugoi, khuytay, bavai, cuicho, mohoi, culet thamchi nguoita con timthay motit nhung tu daamtiet (polysyllabics) trong tieng "thuan Viet" (oday mang ynghia tuongdoi doivoi nhung tu duoc chon chi de lamthizu): xacbacxangbang, balapbaxam, gioheomay, ngulibi, zotdaiccanmai, cobayphatphoi, mualatphat, balangnhang, lonxangau, metittholo, badongbaydoi, lontungpheo, tuyetcumeo, bachopbanhang... va phuam phuchop con hienzien trong tieng Viet choden theky 17: bloi, blang (cothe saunay bienthanh "mattroi", "mattrang" theo conduong b > m, roi m amhoa thanh "mat" chang Neu dung, cachbiendoi nay giongnhu truonghop "khlong" thanh "khunglong" cua tiengHan. Nhung trong thizu cuthe nay, theo nguamhoc, khanang phucphuam bl- bienthanh donphuam tr- ratcao). 

Voi cachnhin nao, tinhcach songamtiet cua tiengViet ngaynay rat ronet. Dactinh nay doilap voi tinhcach donamtiet cua motso lon tuvung co cua tiengViet, giongnhu tiengHan, vi ratnhieu tusongamtiet trong tiengViet hiennay chua hai yeuto (hai tieng, hay amtiet) deu dongnghia: tucgian, truoctien, cuky, kecan, gaprut... Dacdiem nay thehienra tinhcach donlap [phande cua songlap, la tinhcach dacbiet cua tiengViet] cua Vietngu: tuvung phattrien tu dontiet den songamtiet zuatren sukien ongcha chungta da ghep haitieng dongnghia lai voinhau de tranhsu dongam va de minhxac ynghia donthuan cua tu donam de khoi bi lanlon voi tu dongamzinghia khac. Trong tiengHan hiendai, tu songamtiet co hai amtiet dongnghia daso deuduoc cautao theo loi nay. Tinhcach nay da gay ngonhan cho motso nha nguhoc phuongTay, ho da zuavao tinhcach nay de ketluan la TiengViet la mot ngonngu donlap.

Hinhthuc bieuhien cua tiengViet khoang mot theky truocday la nhovao chuHan, la ngonngu co coche phattrien tuvung giongnhu cua tiengViet. Khi ongcha chungta co nhucau muon thehien nhung amthanh ma tiengHan khongco, ho da biendoi hinhthuc chuHan sang chuNom cachnay nhieu theky. 

Khi chu Quocngu (tiengViet viet bang mautu Latin) duoc cac nhatruyengiao phuongTay sangche ra de kyam tiengViet vao theky thu 17, ho cung da nhanthay tinh songamtiet cua tiengViet va ho da zung zaugachnoi - de noilai nhung tu nay thanh tukep. Va loiviet gachnoi nay con tontai den cuoi thapnien 1960. Hiennay thi daso ai cung viet roira thanh tung chumot, vua zo thoiquen va vua zo tinhluoibieng tapthanh. 

Va nhuvay rorang la cachviet tiengViet ngaynay khongcon phananh dung thucthe tiengnoi nua, vi voi mot soluong von tukep Hanviet (thizu: toquoc, phunu, giadinh, congdong....), tu Hanom hayla tu Nom songamtiet co gocHan (sinhde, zayzo, lanhleo, nhova..), va tu "thuanViet" (macca, bangkhuang, ngotngao, mocoi, hiuquanh...) khonglo hienzien trong tiengViet ngaynay, cachviet tachroi tung amtiet la mot cachviet khong phananh dung motcach khoahoc banthan cua tiengnoi nuocnha nua.

Ai cung thuanhan tiengAnh la tieng daamtiet (thucsu tiengnoi nao trenthegioi ngaynay cung deu daamtiet ca, neucochang tieng donam thi dola ngonngu coxua; ngonngu phai phattrien tu caigiandon sang caiphuctap.) dem tiengAnh ra sosanh, ta cung cothe nhanthay trong tiengAnh neu nguoita loaitrura het nhung yeuto vaymuon tu Latin hay Hylap va chicon giulai nhung tu gocAnglo-Saxon, thi tiengAnh se hienra caibanchat gannhu donamtiet cua no: go, keep, run, walk, eat, sleep, morning, (<morn), evening (<eve) before (before)...

Chungta cothe sosanh nhung tu "thuanAnh" nhung tu "thuanViet" (ynghia tuongdoi de sosanh, chu banthan cua nhung tu sau deu cothe co gocHan) voi nhung tu Viet tuongtu: an, ngu, dai, ia, di, dung... Conguoi se noi: nhung tiengAnh la mot ngonngu bienthe, ho con co zang eater, keeper, walker, sleeper... trongkhido tiengViet la mot ngonngu donlap (?) lamgi co biendoi hinhthai ma sosanh! Hay xemxet hinhthuc nay cua tiengViet: artist = nghesi, singer = casi, writer=vansi,... neu chungta quyuoc -si=-s, thi ta co nghes, vans, hoas, nhacs, quans, hay -gia=-z thi ta co tacz, luatz, sangchez, hay su-=s- thi ta co stinh, sco, sviec, sthe, hay -thuat=th thi ta co kyth, ngheth, math, myth, hoac f-=phi thi ta co fly, fquansu, fnhan, flienket, fchinhphu.. Vay -s, -z, s-, -th, f- cothe vinhula nhung nguoto (suffixes) co chucnang khongkhacgi suffixes cua tiengAnh. Ngonngu nhuvay changqua la nhung quyuoc va conguoc.

Trong quatrinh tiengAnh phattrien va thamnhap nhung yeuto ngoailai khac, banthan cachcauthu cua tiengAnh cung theo cachcautu cua ngonngu ngoainhap: therefore, anybozy, however, nevertheless, blackboarz, gunship, eyebrow, armchair... Khi viet chuAnh nguoita khongbaogio catdut amtiet ra nhung khi nguoiViet viet chuViet chungta lai catra thanh tung tiengmot, batke tu bi catra banthan no doikhi khong conghia theo nghia nguvung nhu chungta hieu ngaynay: bang/khuang, hoi/hop, mo/hoi, tai/tieng, mac/ca, cu/let.... Ban co baogio thu tuhoi: "bang" lagi "khuang" lagi Va roi "hoi" lagi "hop" lagi, "mo" lagi "hoi" lagi "tai" lagi, " mac" lagi "ca" lagi "cu" lagi "let" lagi Chung chi conghia khi chung dichung voinhau, khi ta phatam ta cung phatam thanh cap, nhung thesao chungta khi viet nhung tukep nay chungta lai tach chung ra. Neu kethemvao tuvung Hanviet va tuNom co gocHan (Hannom), soluong tu songamtiet nhieukhongkexiet, va nhung tu nay chiuchung sophan cua luoibut luoibieng cua chungta catngang. Rorang la loiviet nay phananh tinh thieu khoahoc va khong tienbo cua nguoiVietnam! 



Giongnhu cai nhan 4000 nam vanhien, chungta tuman dalau voi zisan Quocngu va mang tamly uli, ngai thaydoi do la mot khuyetdiem cua nguoi Vietnam, congthemvoi tinh ua phandoi, khi co aidexuong caigi moi ma minh khongthich la phandoi ngay zu changbiet la taisao lai phandoi zu da co khongit nguoi nhu cac vi Lang Nhan Phung Tat-dac (hien o ben Anh), Giaosu Pham Hoang-Ho (o Canaza), Giaosu Trinh Nhat (Uc), Giaosu zuong duc-Nhu, cu dao Trong-du, va nhung vi ungho ykien ve tinh daamtiet cua tiengViet nhu la cu Ho Huu-Tuong, Giaosu Nguyen-dinh Hoa, Giaosu Bui duc-Tinh..., nhanthay nhung saisot trong cachviet tiengViet ngaynay, nhung tiengnoi cua ho bi phandoi khichbac roi chim trong quenlang. Ngaynay tienbo ky thuat va cuoc cachmang tinhoc ve lienmang toancau chophep chungta cungnhau zaydong congcuoc caito cach viet chuViet cua chungta ngaynay saocho no coloi, va cai loi cua no manglai phai nhinthay duoc trong cac linhvuc khoahoc kythuat, va tacdong cua no doivoi su phattrien kinhte nuocnha.

Nhudanoi, cachviet chuViet ngaynay chua mot saisot tramtrong trong hinhthuc bieudat nhung khainiem ma khi noi chungta phatam dilien voinhau khong ngatquang. Da thay sai thi chungta phai sua, chu dung de cho nhung nhanguhoc phuongTay thieu amhieu bachopbanhang thoatnhin cachviet cua chungta la da hohoan len: tiengViet la tieng donamtiet (monosyllabic) va donlap (isolatez) -- ho cothe hamy tiengViet chungta con thoso, chua phattrien, lachau, va ngheonan. Ho daucan biet chi den bon nghin nam vanhien gido cua ta Ho co baogio bo thoigio nghe ta giaithich nhung hinhthuc dailoai "nghes", "fly" ketren. Neu caito cachviet motcach trietde, chungta cothe lam vay (bienthehoa thanh hinhthai nhung nguto suffixes), thamchi khongcan bozau nua Neu caito theokieunay thi dayla mot hinhthuc ma nguoingoaiquoc hoc tiengViet se rat hoannghenh vi khi hoc tuvung tiengViet, ho se hoc caitoanthe: conduong=roaz, bautroi=the sky, quadat=the globe.. "con" dichung voi "duong", "bau" dichung voi "troi", va "qua" dichung voi "dat"; nhodo ho khongcon phai thacmac ve cach chungta noi khi thi "con", khi thi "bau", khi thi "qua"... ho se noi taisao khong zung het "con" hay "cai" cho no tien! Thucsu khongphai ngonngu chungta suzung co quanhieu loaitu (classifiers) ma boile cachviet roi cua nhung tu co loaitu nay lam nguoita roitri TiengHan cung co mot soluong loaitu ratlon ynhu loaitu cua tiengViet, nhung khi nguoi ngoaiquoc hoc tiengPhothong (Quanthoai) thongqua hethong phienam Latin pinyin cua Trungquoc, ho chang thacmac gi boile phanlon nhung tu thuong dicap voi loaitu thuong duoc viet zinhlien nhau hoac dichung voinhau.

Nhung chungta khongphai caicach chuviet la de cho nguoi ngoaiquoc hoc hoac phephan. zodo chungta se khong suadoi cachviet tiengViet motcach trietde nhuvay va nhung minhhoa tren chi nham nhanmanh den tinhcach cua tiengViet da bi chuviet "phanhoa" va phanboi Khi noi ta khong tachroi amtiet ra, taisao khi viet chungta lai catra Conguoi da noi, dola zo thoiquen, vi ngonngu la thoiquen, ma dala thoiquen va ai cung zung va chapnhan thi khongthenao suadoi Cau nay nghe rat quentai phai khong Ban nghisao Ban thich an thitbo nhieu, nhung thitbo lai chua nhieu chat mo cholesterol, nhung an quen roi bo khongduoc. Caitaihai chinhla o cho nay. Khi hieuro nhung batloi hoac taihai trong cachviet chuViet hiendai, cole chungta nen xemxet vande va thaydoi theo chieuhuong khoahoc hon. Tomlai, caigi phankhoahoc se cokhanang gayra phantienbo!

Hientrang cua tiengViet ngaynay la ketqua phattrien khongngung cua tiengViet, traiqua bietbao thoidai, bietbao doithay thangtram moicoduoc mot vitri ngaynay. Nhu ai cung biet, may tram nam truocday, ongcha chungta da muon chuHan de tao chuNom de bieuthi tiengnoi cua zantoc minh. Truocdo, nguoiViet chungta hoantoan zung chuHan de truyenthong tutuong va giaozich hanhchanh, maczu tiengViet va chuHan la hai thucthe khacbiet nhau dixa vao lichsu, co nguoi chola tiengHan va tiengViet cothe cung goc (thuoc nguhe Han-Tang thayvi thuoc nguchi Mon-Khmer, nguhe Nama) va ho chola tiengnoi co thaydoi nhung chuviet khongcan thaydoi, thizu nhu truonghop tiengAnh hoac phuongngu Quangdong hay phuongngu Phuckien cua Trunghoa, noi motdang viet motneo, ho van tontai va tienbo vay. Themvaodo, chuViet ngaynay khongcon suzung chu Han mala mautu Latin, thi yeucau caito cachviet chuViet khong capbach hoac khong canthiet nua. 

Tren thucte, Trungquoc rat muon caito chuviet cua nuoc ho bangcach suzung mautu Latin lam nhung vi motso nhung dieukien khachquan khong chophep ho thuchien duoc. Thizu tieng Phothong tieuchuan (quanthoai) cua Trungquoc ngaynay co dacdiem la tinh dongam rat cao chonen neu tieng nay duoc viet hoantoan bang tieng Latin thi su sailac ynghia cua nhung amtiet dongam con tehai honla khong caicach. (Thucsu nhu da noi, tinhcach cua tiengHan giongnhu tiengViet, tiengViet da Latinhoa duoc thi tiengHan Latinhoa duoc. Cole trong tamthuc nguoi Trunghoa, qua 5000 nam phattrien, ganbo voi cung mot thu chuviet tuxuadennay, no da trothanh linhhon cua zantoc ho. Khi Mao Trachdong consong ong co ydinh thuchien ydo nay, nhung vi me tho Duong, ong damra uli. Ong la nguoi zuynhat trong lichsu Trunghoa cothe lamduoc chuyennay. Nhung cohoi nay da vuotqua kho cothe con co cohoi thuhai!) Ho da cho tieuchuanhoa pinyin, la hethong phienam Latin cua tiengPhothong cua Trungquoc hiendai, trongdo tatca nhung tu song hoac daamtiet deuduoc viet zinhlien voinhau. 

TiengNhat cung cungchung canhngo voi tiengPhothong cua Trungquoc va mang nhieu amtiet dongam nhieuhon nua Trong uocmuon caicach chuviet, nuoc Nhatban cung lamvao trinhtrang tuongtu. Thizu ho phien "to" va "to" cothe la mottrongnhung tiengHanviet tuongduong: dong, don, doc, don, don, doc, dong, dong, dong... NguoiNhat danh tao hethong viet rieng zung songsong voi Hantu de phienam tieng ngoaiquoc, nhodo zan Nhat cothe tiepthu duoc nhung khainiem khoahoc kythuat moi cua phuongTay. Noi nhuvay khong conghia la chuviet cua hai nuoc nay chuahe duoc caicach. Ho da caicach: chuHan zung trong hai ngonngu cua hai xu nay da duoc dongianhoa ratnhieu va duoc viet theoloi tu tren xuong, tu trai sang phai. Tomlai, hai nuoc Hoa va Nhat nay datung caicach chuviet cua ho nhung chi motphan, chonen khongduoc toanzien va trietde. 

Va mot cauhoi lythu cung dangduoc neura o day: neu hai nuoc lon Achau nay caicach thanhcong sang cachviet bang mautu Latin, suphattrien kinhte va khoahoc kythuat cua hai nuoc nay cophai la da tienxa hon hiennay khong? Hoi tuc la traloi Neu hai nuoc Hoa va Nhat caicach thanhcong chuviet bang mautu Latin cua ho, thi cole ho da tienxa honnua sovoi hientai trong cac lanhvuc khoahoc kythuat va kinhte Visao Vi chuviet cua ho neu som duoc caicach sang mautu Latin thi chuongtrinh giaozuc cho hon 1 ty zan Trungquoc se duoc phocap hon, tientrinh dientoanhoa hay vitinhhoa trong lanhvuc tinhoc (informatics) cua ho da di motbuoclon va zaihon, va neu lanhvuc tinhoc co tienbo thi buoctien kinhte cua ho con di xahon va nhanhhon nua Loiviet zuatren Hantu ngaynay cua hai nuoc nay da gay trongai khongit trong tientrinh hiendaihoa congnghiep cua ho, nhung ho khongthe lam hon duoc. Ngaynay ho khongthe quaylai tu khodiem bandau cua cuoc caicach chuviet nua boivi chuviet hiendai cua ho dala mottrongnhung tientrinh dientoanhoa trong congnghe thongtinhoc. 

Toiday se co nguoi noirang dailoan cung hoantoan zung chuHan nhung ho van datduoc tienbo dangke trong lanhvuc truyenthong va kythuat dientoan Vang, nhung vancon chamhon sovoi Nhat. Va nhung tienbo ho datduoc la tren coso xuly vitinh bang tiengAnh chu khongphai la tiengHan!

Roi co nguoi se noi: caicach chuviet de tienbo nhung con truonghop BacHan, nuoc nay da caicach trietde loaibo het chuHan trong chuviet cua ho, nhungi sao ho vancon song trong mot xuso ngheonan lachau nhat thegioi, trongkhido NamHan lai vungmanh, va chuviet cua xu nay vancon giu nhung yeuto Han trongdo ma khonghe caito dola vi BacHan phunhan thucte khachquan la sutontai cua yeuto Hanngu trong chuviet cua ho. Yeuto tuvung Han la mot bophan cua tieng daihan, la bansac ngonngu cua ho, va NamHan thuanhan yeuto khachquan nay. 

Khongnhung chi dailoan, Nam Han, Nhatban hay Trungquoc datduoc nhung tienbo kythuat ve nganh congnghe vitinh (Trungquoc ngaynay la mot nuoc co khanang phong vetinh thuongmai len khonggian) zuatren xuly zukien bang tiengAnh, macon nhung nuoc phuongTay nhula nuoc duc, nuoc Phap hay nuoc nao dinua cung suzung tiengAnh lam ngonngu congcu kythuat de xuly zukien, thi nuoc sanhsaudemuon nhu Vietnam trong lanhvuc truyenthong cangi den sucaito chuviet cua minh de caumong tienbo nhanhhon, vi dangnao Vietnam cung phai zung tiengAnh congcu de xuly thongtin vitinh TiengAnh la vannang! TiengAnh la ngonngu kythuat! TiengAnh la tiengnoi cua thegioi! Cu xuzung tiengAnh lam congcu ngonngu kythuat la du, caito tiengViet chi cho phientoai! do la nho tiengAnh morong canhcua thunhan tatca moi yeuto -- nhodo no phattrien manhme chang?

dungvay, nhung khongphai xu nao zung tiengAnh cung datduoc nhung tienbo khoahoc dangke, thizu Philuattan hoac damaica Nhung xuta co noi tiengAnh chang Ban nghi sao ve nuoc Nga va tiengNga Nuoc Phap va tiengPhap dequoc Lama va tiengLatin. 

Co mot dieu thuvi la votinh hay huuy ma tren thucte nhung nuoc giaumanh tienbo deu da traiqua tientrinh caicach chuviet cua nuoc ho: ngoai Nhatban va Trungquoc, conco ducquoc, Hanquoc, Malaia, Thailan la nhung nuoc dienhinh. Va dacdiem chung cua cach doimoi loiviet cua ho la su thuanhan suhienhuu cua nhung nhomtu daamtiet. Phia Vietnam cung se lentieng: o, chuyen nay nhanuoc da lam tulau, thizu: oc-xit-hoa, cac-bon-nat, can-xum, ni-tro-at,... Dung, chinhphu Vietnam da thuchien mot phan nho, nhung dola phan vobo, cohai nhieu hon la coloi, lyzo taisao oday xin mienban. Khuynhhuong thongzung ngaynay trongnuoc vanla giunguyen nhung tu nuocngoai khi viet chuViet. Thucsu mot nguoi cohoc o Vietnam zu khong biet tiengAnh nhung van cothe phatam den motmuc cothe chapnhan duoc nhung tu tiengAnh duoc zung trong chuViet (zinhien la nhung tu qua thongzung da Nomhoa nhu xaphong, kem, carem, caphe, free, sale, apphe, xine.. thi changnen doi).

Ai hoc qua tiengduc deu biet la loiviet nhula Informationssystemverarbeitung (information system processing) cua chuduc la "longthong" nhat trong cac thu tiengAnAu, vi boile khainiem nao batke khi gheplai zu chuviet co zai den zuongnao ho van vuive chapnhan va suzung trong cachviet cua ho.

Ngayca chu daihan, NamHan tuy vancon suzung chuviet hinhkhoi (phienam va chuHan) la zisan zo ketqua cua anhhuong vanhoa Trunghoa delai, ho vanphai viet thanh cumtu ("khainiem") voinhau: hyunzai = hiendai, zongnama=dongnama, fanghuo=phonghoa, phonghoa, Kori= Caoly... neu X daizien cho mot chukhoi batky, thi ban se thay nhung tu tren hienra zuoi zang XX XXX XX XX. Loiviet thanh cumtu nhuvay coloi gi ve mat thongtin Cau traloi la no khoahoc hon (phananh dung thucte cua tiengnoi) va nhanhhon (xuly, tiepthu, inan, tietkiem).

Caito chuviet la dieukien can chu khongphai la dieukien du de datduoc tienbo trong lanhvuc kythuat. Khongcan phai biengiai ai cung dongy la tienbo kythuat la tiende cho suphattrien kinhte Cachviet tiengViet cua chungta ngaynay ngaycang xa thucte neu sovoi bon thapnien ve truoc, thoido tatca nhung tukep (songamtiet) deu duoc noilai voinhau bang mot gachnoi: quoc-gia, bang-khuang, lanh-leo.. Cang ve sau, loi viet luoibieng tronen chiem uuthe vi tietkiem duoc mot dongtac noigach khi viet. Cole trong tiemthuc zantoc Vietnam, loiviet hinhkhoi cua chu Han thanh tung chu mot voi tung khainiem mot da anhhuong manhme den thoiquen nay cua nguoiViet ta chang Nhung gi ta docthay tren sachbao, lienmang ngaynay la loi viet roira thanh tung amtiet donle -- phananh dung mucdo "boiroi" hay "roirac" cua tiendo phattrien cua Vietnam thuoc nhieu lanhvuc. zinhien la caicach chuviet khongthoi khongphai la dieukien du de phattrien nhung lanhvuc khac. zodo caito cachviet chuViet dieukien can de datduoc tienbo kythuat. Caito loiviet tiengViet ngaynay bangcach viet zinhlien lai voinhau nhung tukep (songtiet) va tudaam (daamtiet) se mangden nhung diemloi neutren vi no se rutngan thoigian xuly thongtin va se xuly motcach chinhxac hon.

Tieng duc voi tu "Informationssystemverarbeitung" chi cho nguoita motphan nho cua mot giay de tiepthu khainiem nay. Vi khongai phai doc tung van cua tu nay de nhanzien ra khainiem ma chu nay chuyencho. Nhung neu voi cachviet roi thanh "xu ly bang he thong truyen thong" thi cai dau cua nguoi Vietnam phai tiepthu 7 zangchu khacnhau, qua quatrinh phantich moi nhanra la co bon khainiem thongqua 4 tu, roi saudo moi kethop thanh mot cumtu-khainiem chung. Neuphai zich tungu nay theo loi duc thanh "xulybanghethongtruyenthong" thi hoi quadang va chuongmat, nhung neu duoc vietthanh "xuly bang hethong truyenthong" thi ketqua xuly va tiepthu zukien nay hieuqua se nhanhhon sovoi cachviet roirac, va nhudanoi, nguoidoc se do matthoigio doc tung chu, saudo moi tonghop lai de co khainiem toanthe ve cumtu-khainiem kythuat nay. 

Voi hanghasaso zulieu thongtin ngaynay, nhin zangchu nhanra khainiem nhanhhon va hieuqua honla qua tung chu-amtiet. Khi thay zang "international" ta khong canphai danhvan thanh in-ter-na-tion-al moi "thamnhuan" khainiem nay, ta chi moi thay zangchu cua tu nay la hieu ngay. Tuongtu voi nhung chu donggoc "internationalidation", "internationalism", "international imperialism", "internationale"... booc ta xuly chung voi tocdo ngangnhau, va nhuthe nhanhhonnhieu khi ta mang cachbiengiai nay sang nhung tungu Viet tuongduong nhu " quocte", quoctehoa", "chunghiaquocte", "chunghiadequoc quocte" va "thegioidaidong"... Dauoc connguoi da xuly nhanh thi may vitinh xuly cangnhanh va chinhxac hon. Thizu "chunghiaquocte" se tietkiem cho bonho cua may vitinh 3 bytes cho ba khoangcach trang (spaces), khi kiemloi chinhta "speller" se lamviec nhanhhon va khongcon gap truonghop "chu? nghi~a" neu duoc vietthanh "chu' nghi~a", "chu nghi~a", chu nghi~a" deuduoc may vitinh zezang cho thongqua! Noive tietkiem giay in thi chungta con tietkiem tienbac nhieuhon la tietkiem khoangtrong trong bonho cua may vitinh, va sachvo inra bot ton giay thi zinhien giathanh tronen re hon!



Co nguoi da tung hohao loaibo het yeuto Han trong tiengViet, catdut soi zayzai cua lichsu quanhe voi nguoiHan, va neu chungta lam nhuvay thuhoi chungta conlai gi Mot lohong khonglo trong Vietngu va trong vanhoa Vietnam. Trongnuoc truocday mot vai nha lanhdao cung co hohao motso phongtrao "giugin su trongsang trong tiengViet" nham loaibo motso yeuto Han trong tiengViet, nhula; zung maybay thayvi phico, zodo chi xai maybay lenthang, tenlua thaycho hoatien, sanbay thaycho phitruong... Nhung nhung nguoi hohao chac khonghe bietrang: maybay, tenlua, hay sanbay deu hoantoan co gocHan. Chungta caito chuviet nhung se khong sa vao trinhtrang quada nay.

Trong quatrinh phattrien cua Quocngu, tu buoi banso den hientrang cua chuViet ngaynay, da co biet baonhieu doithay va suadoi ve mat hinhthuc kyam cua tiengnoi nuocnha. Trong hon nua theky trolaiday, chinhta Vietngu da kha ondinh. Chinh nho vao tinh onco nay, khi sosanh cachviet va thucte cach phatam tieng Viet, khongkeden cachviet de zienzat theo ngonngu hiendai doilap voi kieuxua, cach kyam tiengViet bang mautu Latin cho ta thay mot hinhanh tuongdoi ve nhung thaydoi ve mat nguam. Thi zu, ta viet "thu" nhung lai phatam la /tou/, khong phai la /tu/, "khong" phatam la /kongw/ chu khongphai la /kong/, "hoc" phatam la /hokw/ chu khongphai la /hok/, "ti" phatam la /tei/ chu khongphai la /ti/, nhung "tin" phatam la /tin/ chu khongphai la /tein/v.v... Neu ke them vao giongBac, Trung, Nam cua tung diaphuong, cachviet ngaynay zinhien la khong hoantoan giu dung nhu thuo bandau, vi ngonngu luonluon o trong mot tientrinh vandong va biendoi khongngung va neu quathat nhung nguoi sangche ra chuQuocngu kyam dungdan tiengViet vao thoidiem naodo trong lichsu Nhung nhung thaydoi nho nay ve mat nguam khong lam xaotron hethong chinhta Vietngu vi no khong giongnhu tiengAnh, la ngongu ma suphatam da thaydoi den muc doikhi noi motdang viet motneo zodo, oday chungta se khong tienhanh caito cach kyam saocho chuanxac mottramphantram, ma chungta chi xetden cachcaito phananh dung tinhcach songamtiet va daamtiet cua tiengViet.

Vande oday datra la batcu suadoi hay caito chuviet neu khong xetden tinhcach khachquan cua no se khong baogio thuchien duoc. Hienthuc khachquan cua ngonngu noichung la tiengnoi cua nuoc nao cung vaymuon tungu cua nhung nuoc lon hon minh. Thucte khachquan cua tiengViet ngaynay la no mang tichcach songamtiet, voi nhung dacdiem ngonngu gan giongnhu tiengHan, la zisan cua suthamnhap mot soluong tuHan khonglo, ma tiengHan la tieng ma tatca daihoc lon tren thegioi deu co lam nghiencuu va nhinnhan rang tiengHan hiendai la mot ngonngu daamtiet (songamtiet).

Cach ziendat tiengViet rorang va logic nhat van la congnhan tinh daamtiet cua tiengViet. Co nguoi chola lam nhuvay the tho lucbat hay songthatlucbat se co mot loi viet khong co zantoctinh (ban con nho truyen ong Mao Trachdong me tho duong khong). Thucsu vande nay cung ze giaiquyet boile chungta se co hai chonlua khi lamtho: hoac la caidoi hoantoan theo loiviet moi, hoacla cu giuy nhucu, vi day thuoc lanhvuc nghethuat va lanhvuc nay cothekhong bi rangbuoc boi hinhthuc. Caito cachviet chuyeu la chutrong dentinh khoahoc cua no va la de apzung vao trong lanhvuc khoahoc, thizu nhula tao thuatngu khoahoc moi trong cac lanhvuc nhu tinhoc, ykhoa, congnghe, thuongmai, thuvienhoc v.v...

Khi cautao hay sangche tu moi, motkhi chungta da chapnhan suthuc khachquan thuoctinh daamtiet cua tiengViet, nhung thuatngu khoahoc can duoc cautao de dapung nhucau phattrien khoahoc hoac de zich nhung khainiem khoahoc moi tu tiengAnh thi ta cothe mang nguyentac daamtiet ra apzung khi zich. O trongnuoc nhung khainiem nhu lenmang=online, congnoi=gateway, noimang=connectez, trangnha=homepage.. la nhung tu duoc taora tren nguyentac phantich thanhto cua tu, xong gheplai thanh tughep de chora tukep hay tudaamtiet moi.

Themvaodo, mottrongnhung uudiem cua tiengViet la cothe giatang soluong tuvung moi motcach gannhu vohan. Tuy sinhsaudemuon trong lanhvuc khoahoc, Vietnam cothe suzung khotu Hanviet va Hannom cua minh de zich nhung thuatngu khoahoc ma Nhatban la nuoc da ditruoc va tienbo ve lanhvuc nay voi nhung thuatngu ho taora tu tiengHan. Chuyen nay Trungquoc da thuchien tulau khi ho cho zunhap nhung tungu nhu la chinhtri, conghoa, zanchu, tichcuc, tieucuc... vao trong kho tuvung cua ho deula nhung khainiem moi hoi dau theky 20 cua Tayphuong ma Nhat da taora bang yeuto Han. Nhung tu nay da lam mot vong Trunghoa truoc khi sang Vietnam! Tuongtu, rat nhieu zanhtu kythuat ngaynay zo Nhat taora vancon duoc Trungquoc vaymuon. Tomlai, nhieu thuatngu da cosan, ta cothe vaymuon lai va tiepthu motcach zezang.

Cung cancu va tinh daamtiet cua tuvung, tiengViet da naysinhra nhung tu moi nhu: mayvitinh (micro=vi, compute=tinh, -er=may), tinhoc (information=(thong)tin, science=(khoa)hoc)), lienmang (inter=lien, net=mang), nangcap (up=nang, grade=cap)... Trongkhido, tuytheo mucdo thongzung ma ta cothe giuy nhu chugoc cua tiengAnh: chip, bit, bai byte, me mega, bo boarz, font, Cz, email, website....

Trong lanhvuc nay trongnuoc nguoita da thuchien va tieuchuanhoa khanhieu thuatngu moi va theo nguyentac gheptu Nhuvay, motlannua, dayla bangchung hunghon ve tinh daamtiet cua tiengViet hiendai Ban cothe thich tu maydientoan hay maydiennao hon la cachgoi mayvitinh, nhung neu daso da zung, ban khongthe duung ngoaile motminh chongchoi voi zongnuoc lichsu.

Va nhuvay, khongcan phai doi ketqua nghiencuu nao khac de xacdinh tinhcach daamtiet (songamtiet) cua tiengViet vi chi noi soluong hienhuu cua nhung tu songamtiet Hanviet va tiengHannom (tuNom co gocHan), chungta cothe tienhanh caito ngaytubaygio.

Nhuvay chungta se caito gi va bang cachnao? Yentam, dayla mot caito rat dongian.

Ngonngu viet chila mot phuongtien truyenthong bang thoiquen va quyuoc. Neu chungta quyuoc va ai cung chapnhan thi moiviec cothe thuchien duoc. Chungtoi khong hohao caito trietde nhu truonghop -s cho si, -d cho gia, s- cho su, ma chi muon tatca moinguoi suadoi mot tixiu thoiquen: loizung sunhanzang nhung chu thuong dichung voinhau -- viet chung zinhlien lai voinhau (quyuoc nay cung zo thoiquen ma ra), vi dola nhung tu chungta noi liennhau khong ngatquang. Nhung tukep songamtiet va daamtiet cungvoi nhung chu dichung voinhau de zienta mot khainiem, va nhung thanhngu, cumtu thuongzung. Thizu: maczu, voinhau, nhieuhon, depnhat, nhatla, dola, zodo, chonen, chotoinay, ketubaygio, ngaylaptuc, tutruocdennay, xahoichunghia, chunghiatuban, phanmem, hanghasaso, kekhongxiet....

Khoidau cothe moinguoi cung cung mot cumtu nhung lai viet khac, lauzan vesau thoigian se dailoc, caigi thuong duoc zung nhieunhat se duoc giulai de co kimchinam duazuongchiloi buocbandau, tamthoi ta cothe zung mot ngonngu nuocngoai lamchuan: tiengAnh hoac tiengHan, hay batky ngonngu nao vi daso ngonngu ngoaiquoc khong co loiviet roirac nhu loiviet tieng Viet cua chungta ngaynay.

Lay tiengAnh lam thizu: although=maczu, scholarship=hocbong, dictionary=tudien, handbook=sotay, however=tuynhien, any=batcu, individualism=chunghiacanhan.... Tomlai, neu mot nhom chu thuong dichung voinhau va la cungchung mot khainiem hay mot doanngu quen zung: cu viet zinhlien voinhau!

Co nguoi se hoi: dongy, dola cho tuonglai , nhung the con so sachvo va thutich cu da in cua nuocta thisao Motkhima ai cung quen doc va viet theo loimoi nay (ChuViet nam 2020, hayla Vietngu2020), thi dongco kinhte se lam moisu thaydoi het. Nhain se tudong insach theo nhucau nguoidoc, neu vao nam 2020 nguoita con insach!

Cailoi da duoc phantich, tuy chua duoc sausac, daydu va thuyetphuc lam, nhung neu cac ban nhanthay dieu do dung va co nhiettinh, battay vaolam ngaybaygio, aiai cung lam thi con logi khong thuchien noi cuoc caito nhobe nay, nhatla buoc thunghiem tren lienmang chang tonkem gi ca. Baiviet nay la mot thizu dienhinh vay!

Nguoiviet bai nay xin hoannghenh donnhan ykien cua tatca cac ban va cua quyvi caominh. Mot nguoi thi chi lamnoi con baoto trong tachnuoc.


Updated 11-06-2011

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