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Gianhập: Sep.15.2002
Nơicưtrú: Global Village
Trìnhtrạng: [hiệntại không cómặt trên diễnđàn]
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by VNY2K Editor

The trend is onset now and no power on earth will ever be able to stop it! -- Vietnamese music has penetrated all over the cyberspace. The striking characteristics of this kind of music is it is free, high-quality, and available anytime and anywhere. This novel music delivery medium has enabled us to access our favorite songs wherever we go.

In the dawn of this unprecedented era, a small number of entrepreneurship-minded hi-tech savvy has taken this opportunity to strike it rich one way or another. Many others like us jump on the bandwebgon just for the joy of doing it -- and the result is more and more entertaining sites inaugurate and they have given us even more accesses to a huge global database of Vietnamese music of all sorts. In reality all of these transactions have been done without anyone's ever paying royalties to any artist involved. To moralists this kind of music taken from the net is another form of piracy and they are afraid that this will bring artists' creativity to a devastating halt.

For the better or the worst, we foresee that this new entertainment medium is here to stay and will live on forever in the cyberspace. In the last century history has witnessed the birth of radio, TV, audio and video recorders, and then cabled pay TV, satellite TV, etc... and, not matter what, people are still going to the movies and buying CDs even though they may choose not to pay for them by other means. In the process we have seen more talented artists having been born than those who died. The new medium will create more equal opportunities for talented and unknown artists to present themselves to the music world.

The net is meant to be free and for the free. Anything out there on the WWW is FREE -- no power on earth will be able to stop it -- be it a governmental organ or multimillion entertainment media companies. The new trend is gaining momentum and we must accept and side with it -- no other choice. The Vietnamese have a saying "who is able to sweep clean the fallen leaves in the jungle?" (Cóai quétsạch lárừng?). This axiom applies well to the idea that you can not undo what has been done so far in this field.

In any case, for the Vietnamese music, we must admit that all of these artwork ownerships still belong to the original creators. Therefore, anybody who has a website providing access to these pieces of music does not own them -- they are meant for all music lovers to share, enjoy, treasure, or even hate. However, it is ridiculous to see that some website owners act as if they were the real owners of the Vietnamese songs posted on their websites -- they restrict access to these artworks, change the links from time to time so that other websites can not create direct links to them, or even send silly and impolite emails to websites linked to them threatening to wage vandalizing actions! These actions just reflect an ugly face of "narrow- minded persons" or "tiểunhân". For us, like many others in the same boat, we will be more than happy and will be greatly honored to have our site linked to other sites -- no question asked!

In our website, we will try our best to provide our audience with the best that we can find on the web. Therefore, you will see that most of the Vietnamese music posted here are links to other available sources in the cyberspace -- the reason is easy to understand: why do we have to waste our time and resources to create everything all over again? The last but not the least reason for us to do so is that we may avoid an unthinkable lawsuit in the future! However, leaving the money mongers aside, we believe the Vietnamese artists are also happy to have their artworks distributed further, wider, and deeper into the cyberspace so that their singing will live along with our beloved Vietnamese songs and tunes forever, leaving a truly valuable heritage for the next generations to enjoy.

Our last word is our true appreciation to the owners of those music sites who let us access to their hard work in creating cyber music -- and in return they will gain traffic driven to their sites. Isn't that great to see everybody benefits from the courtesy of our reciprocity.


We are the advocates of the new Vietnamese2020 language reform!

Dec.10.2002 01:02 am
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