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How was the “Ponzi” scheme in Physics created?
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Gianhập: Nov.25.2002
Trìnhtrạng: [hiệntại không cómặt trên diễnđàn]
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How was the “Ponzi” scheme in Physics created?

Sacramento, January 13, 2009

Dear Sirs/Physicists,

With all due respect, I’d like to inform you that one of the statements (reference attached) in the “Information for the public- Nobel Prize in Physics- 2008,” could be in violation of the most fundamental law of Physics.

As we all know, “Temperature” and “Heat” are basically “Kinetic Energy” form that requires mass (or matter) to create. In fact, temperature is always the result of friction between moving particles (or matters). In the beginning of the Universe, instantly after the “Big Bang”, if there was no mass, there was no temperature, either.

Therefore, how could we have temperature cooled down, if in deed, there had been no temperature at all in the first place?

It is also same mistakes found in the currently “Big Bang” theory.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

My Best Regards,

NGuyen Cuong

Page 7/8:……………all the particles had zero mass. But the Higgs field, like the pencil standing on its point, was not stable, so when the universe cooled down, the field….


How was the “Ponzi” scheme in Physics created?

Cuong Nguyen

It was first begun with the human “Quest” to know what‘s inside of a nucleus.

The diameter of a Proton (Neutron) is about 1000 times of an electron. It’s like a basket ball compared to a period on this page. In term of volume, a proton is almost a billion (10 **9) times bigger than an electron that is detectable by our advanced instrumentation.

When our scientists smashed two or more protons with nearly speed of light and as a result of a “head-on” collision, protons could be broken up into thousands of smaller pieces in different sizes and shapes, depending upon individual test conditions. So, even if a proton had been presumably formed by “Quarks”(Up, Down, Charm, Color, etc.), nothing was for sure that the collision with such enormous energy (mc2) could have produced the ideally original quarks as expected. In fact, there have been at least more than a hundred new species of different Quarks found in the past decades.

The problem with those “head-on” collision tests, conducted only by a few accelerators, was that no one could independently repeat the same tests, verify and/or check the results, due to having no other accelerator with the same size in the world, but most of all, because of technical problems and the test method itself. Our ambitious physicists almost ignored the fact that anything as big as quarks (bigger than electron) would be definitely broken up after colliding with other objects at the speed of light! Theoretically, a proton that is a billion times bigger than an electron, could produce at least millions of detectable fragments.

The question is: How did the “Ponzi”(or Pyramid) scheme in the field of Particle Physics work in the first place?

In the beginning it was started with an excellent idea to break up a proton so that our scientists could see its content. For the benefit of our science research, most people supported the idea and the proposal to build lab-size accelerators for real experiments were realized. The very first tests produced some impressive data as a result of plentiful debris coming out from the colliding protons. But, after spending most of their valuable resources reviewing and studying the data, the researchers probably did not come up with any conclusive evidence of any specific sub-particles except some interesting images of the collision and its debris recorded on the screens.

So, it was really a dilemma that the physicists had to make the most difficult choice. Either they had to end their research and tell the truth or looked for more funding to pursue the wild chase. The later choice was overly preferred because most of them could not afford losing everything including teaching positions at prestigious schools.

In order to get more funding, the researchers not only needed lots of collaborators, but also political influence in the highest level of government. The Cold war, space race and technological competition between rival countries, by coincidence, made their wishes come true. Needless to say, there were wild imagination and data misinterpreting, etc, including hundreds of new physicists appeared around the world in a newly created field named Particle Physics.

Consequently, “Ponzi” or Pyramid scheme were also created, beginning with a total trust and real admiration of the Nobel Laureates in Physics. Next, they trained and graduated an increasing number of “nuclear” physicists who’s “Standard Model” was indoctrinated, and finally, a pyramid of belief has been unknowingly built up by hundreds of physicists worldwide. Most of these physicists were trained, so strongly believed in the “Standard Model” that they never questioned the validity of the theory in the first place! Worst, in order to increase the number of their followers for financial support, they had to dream up for new elements like dark matter, anti-matter, Higgs boson or God particles, etc.

But, as far as I am concerned I wonder if:

Particle Physics & Accelerators <=> “Ponzi” Scheme & Madoff !?

Cuong Nguen


- Ngườihiệuđính: NguyenCuong vào ngày Jan.31.2009, 11:10 am


Jan.31.2009 11:05 am
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